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Maci Durramee, Female, age 21
Year: 2559
Rank: Minor In Training
Location: Durram State in Sanghelios

If you search deep enough in space there is a planet called Sanghelios where the Sangheili people reside. A planet that consists of many Foreunner artefacts’ and is known for its military, offensive and defensive strategies. It has been at least Six long years since the war had ended and the reign of the prophets had finally fallen. No longer under their control, the Sangheili people flourished with new cultural experience from the humans. Led by the Arbiter known as Thel Vadam, a Male Sangheili who had been betrayed by the prophets and their destroyer had finally returned to his home world with his former subordinates and friends. He spoke of earth and the many other planets humans occupied. At first there were much diplomatic problems, fights started on the streets between those who still stood by the prophet’s side, and those who agreed to align themselves with humans as friendlies. War broke out on Sanghelios, but as war came so did peace, though in small parts some Sangheili still rebelled, but many had been outcasted taking ships and other wrecks to supply themselves with what they called an army, making their own armour out of shrapnel or previous weapons and armouring. These Betrayers called themselves Storms. They desired to be different, to be stronger. But those Sangheili that became a part of the rogue covenant and joined the Didacts Hand, never saw the end of it. Rumour is they still float in space trying to obtain their treasures. They were and still are outcast Sangheili, criminals that came from different clans with differnet ideas and began to mumble occult talk. Eventually they gave us little trouble, for the humans it is unknown. After the civil war had ended and the Storms become a fleeting rumour that barley anyone spoke of, Sanghelios returned to its former glory.
As the sun rises and the heat falls down upon Sanghelios early during the morning, many Sangheili prepare for an ordinary day, jobs varied now without the control of the San ‘Shyuums. In fact things looked different now without their lies in our way. A lot still needed to know the truth of what happened, but most of our troubled times are over. A new era has come, one without war. Though we still fight against ourselves and those who have aligned themselves with the fools pretending to know what the truth is.

The year is 2559, a new era for all alien species across the galaxy, a time of peace, a time of romance and a time for rest.
Humans come and go, some stay and make their lives on Sanghelios. Many Sangheili go to earth, some to tour its greatness, and others to live upon its lands with the humans. Even though there is still conflict, we are at peace, for we have lost many lives and now our time to rebuild ourselves has come.

However my story began years ago, during the great Human/Covenant war. I was only a young female Sangheili at the age of 4 when I first saw the glimpse of a Covenant ship overhead on our homeworld. It was strange at first but my brain comprehended what it was for, it was a war ship designed to kill and destroy everything that got in its path, with highly advanced firing power and slipspace, it seemed almost indestructible. That was the day I decided to join the military, though I couldn’t exactly just join them with my age. So after doing my mandatory year of schooling I joined a military academy. I served as a Minor on our homeworld, most females joined the military and became Sanghelios defence force to protect it from any invading fleets. Though not all the time were we successful, When the Brutes took over, we suffered a great lose due to the prophet’s betrayal as the brutes ruthlessly attacked our people believing they were better. Only the Males served on the frontline off our homeworld, some never to be seen again, others forced to retire from the military due to injuries or age. It was our job as the females to protect, heal and do the main duties of any female would do. The more males we lost the same amount of females we lost due to Civil war and terrorist attacks.
Training hard was a daily chore of mine; I would run the farm fields of a morning and night to keep my body in shape. Unlike the humans we do not suffer the fate of obesity due to our tradition and our body structure, at birth we have a defined body that is in development of growing muscles, the older we get the more muscle tone we get, and with training the greater our strength becomes.
Perhaps I should introduce myself, my Name is Maci Durramee. However I’m still a minor only at the age of 21, a significant year for most humans of becoming an adult, but my body and mind was already at the adult stage at 18, so we do not differ to much from the human anatomy, and to be honest there is much in common with most human and Sangheili culture, drinking, smoking, drugs, clubbing and even the indulging of pleasure.
Someday I wish to become a Duelist an aristocrat, but as a minor female I still wear the traditional dark coloured armouring of the purple metallic to a navy colour with the standard weapons. Though I have never been off this world someday I wish to see what it is like on earth if I’m ever granted a mission to the human planet. It’s only been a year of Minor status ranking and I’m hoping that eventually to be promoted someday as I have shown great athletic and agility abilities those of which show promise to becoming a Duellist.

I reside in the country part of Sanghelios, we mostly grow crops and herding animals out there, but there is a local schooling and academy near where I live and I proudly am apart of those educational places. Often you will see Human refugees come and go, thought there are not many places for them to go, so eventually small sheltered areas where created to only house them for a few days. Its more like a medical area for treating the injured. Some people do it for the educational and culture reasons, and it is slowly becoming more and more common .Honestly I’m proud to be a Sangheili Female but like many other creatures we too are curious and of course I would take up the opportunity to explore earth however my training requires me to be on Sanghelios at all times until I am unfit for duty or leave the military, but I got my bets going for swordsmanship as the humans call it, but here it is known as becoming either a Duelist or An Aristocrat, warriors who have the traditional sword that ultimately ranks them above minor and is technically a promotion, it also grants you the ability to use a sword in battle or anywhere else pretty much, whereas tradition if you have not passed the tests to become a Warrior you are unfit to hold a sword within your hands. As always there are some who disagree with those terms and conditions and often use a sword anyway, but are often frowned upon by not just the community but anyone and everyone that knows the true tradition.  For a female to obtain the rank of an Aristocrat, it will be very hard but I want so desperately to hold two swords within my hands and Duel in battle.

My family was very much a traditional family, we up held our last name with honour, but unfortunately I am the only Durramee left, living with the state of Durram though it is more of a valley in the country side compared to other states. Of course there are my crazy cousins and aunties and uncles that still have the last name Durram but they have taken to spreading their wings and living in different states to far away to visit. Rumour is there is more work needed in the city area, and of course anyone with a high degree in politics is trying their best to get into the ranks of an Aristocrat due to our great loss of leadership during the war.
Stretching my left leg out I feel the soft tenderness of my muscles from yesterday’s harsh work out of running a far few miles without a break. Perhaps the harshest my body has under gone. Either way the soreness in my legs, arms and back are a true sign I was getting better and that my muscle tone was greatly defining and I was becoming stronger with every push up and every sprint I was doing, I was becoming stronger.

Reminding myself that my objective was to get to the other end of the line first, I prepared myself for the force I would launch myself into.

With the sound of a single energy rifle, I pressed firmly into my right leg and pushing myself forward, on each side of me there were about four other Sangheili, males and females. The track was at least close to the size of 50 miles all together, it was a small test, I guess you could say a simple quiz for the human standards. The track was often filled with objects set to test us, not just simple rocks or logs but actually fire from either a kig-yar or an unggoy, but their guns were set to stun not kill. Knowing my body very well I watched the others speed off into the distance, often seeing one or two bump arms in an aggressive way. But me? I was use to running miles long, these guys had come from the city area, new to the country landscape, and my feet are always on the ground I knew almost every single track within the Durram state and I had my name to up hold, I was one of the best when it comes to endurance, saving my stamina for the final stretch. My ears tuned to the sound of fire, but I could not see up ahead from the dust the males had made, but the closer I got the faster I soon learned that I was going to be running blindly. Already someone had been stunned as I leaped over him dodging with small ducking manoeuvres as I saw the small blue electricity in the air that came from a stun gun somewhere off to the side of the track.  Jumping over small logs and moving between large rocks I could hear the others up ahead, their bodies becoming tired and we were only half way through the track, I knew as I was counting my steps knowing how much further I was going was to be my advantage. A few had been stunned by now only leaving four of us within the race. This was my final test in my class and I was to prove everyone that a Durram was still one of the best at endurance running. Throughout the generations my family have been messages or scouts using their quick speed to dodge any attacks. Some became commanders, but mostly we had been simply ranked as the most fastest and depending upon what the task was, also depending upon our ranking. That was years ago, now the times have changed and I planned to be one of very few female  Aristocrats, though I often referred to it as a duellist due to the ability to duel in battle more than fire a rifle.
It was uncommon for a female to obtain such a high ranking, but with my knowledge and speed I was sure to gain that ranking one way or another.
Another stun fires just behind me and I hear the faint sound of a female falling to the ground, slightly distracted I did not realize the one who was running in front of me had also been stunned. Suddenly I was left with only one choices and that was to jump. I did my best but my foot got hocked on a part of their armour, and I collapsed to the ground watching slowly as the one that got away would become the winner. Quickly I tried to budge what I was caught on, but it took me close to five minutes. There was only one option and that was to go full speed.

Once I was up I quickly advanced to stretching my legs out more so I could cover more ground while slightly hunched over so that I would be able to dodge any unsuspecting stun fires. Soon I was able to see the faint outline of the male up ahead, he was pushing himself and seemed weak, and I knew there was no time to be wasted, I had to push myself to get past him and win this race. But the moment I was free of any dust or smoke, I came to see how close he was to the finish line. Up ahead were a few teachers from the academy and some other sangheili watchers possibly family members. However despite my speed the weak and exhausted Male managed to just pass me by a single arm length. Coming to a sudden halt sending dust from the ground rising, I puffed to catch my breath as the male seemed to collapse to his knees while trying to keep his head up. I deserved the honour to be first, but instead I was forced to fall behind. Unlike the human world, being second is not counted as good enough effort, you either had to be first or fail. Me? Well I had failed my assignment, my test to pass was a fail. In the crowd that seemed to have been gathering slowly while the male was awarded by the academy trainer and principle, I saw my uncle standing behind everyone in the crowd. His look said he was more than just disappointed, it was as if I had dishonoured the family. Nobody took notice to my speed; nobody cared about anything I did. Slowly I moved away hearing the disappointed sounds of a Mother and a Father as they watched those who had been stunned slowly walk towards the finish line. It was compulsory to finish with this test, even though I know I wasn’t the only one who failed, it still hurt me and my pride. Walking passed my uncle without the slightest glance, I could feel his stare upon me and his gaze felt like lasers digging into my back.

Sometimes being a Sangheili wasn’t always cut out to be the best, especially when your family is way too mixed with tradition. We may no longer be a part of what we once had been when the prophets ruled over us, but we were still something after all.
I did mention that I was the only Durram, and that is true I was the only Durram living in Durram state, my uncle had married my Aunt, but after her death he still kept his last name, Refumee. My uncle knew more of the harshness the covenant gave him due to his elder brother being a heretic. To my uncle his name was stained forever, hence why he never thought of having children.

My uncle was the elder within our local village, many Sangheili come to him for help, but before when his brother had spoken of the truth about the prophets and the halo rings, my uncle was seen as a rodent, a parasite almost like the flood. He was ridiculed behind his back, but he was also abused by many of the local males. My Auntie was the only one that cared. I had little to do with my Uncle back then but I heard the stories of what had happened. The arbiter when he had returned came to Durram state to apologize to my uncle, and even though I was only just becoming an adult at the time, I still had never heard much about my family’s history, the wrongs we have done. Even though I knew a lot about what good we did, I knew there was much wrong and dishonour that must have happened in my family’s name.
Up a head in the basking glow of the dying sun, and the two moons can just be seen coming up with the darkening of the sky is the place I call home. It is a small hut like structure made out of large stone to keep the inside very cool and relaxing. It had once housed my parents and me, but now it was just me and my uncle. I’m not sure if my parents knew what they were doing but they told my uncle to take care and train me well before they had left only to never come back. Mother fought somewhere on Sanghelios borders against brutes that slaughter her and many others before the brutes had been captured and killed. My Father went to fight on the frontlines against the covenant apart of what had been called the separatists that the Arbiter led, but my Father never returned home. Perhaps for the best, for if he knew what had happened to Mother he would be unable to live with himself.

Entering the solid wood door to my home, I could hear the soft sound of my uncle dwindling behind on the path coming here. I do not wish to speak to him knowing fully well he would only lecture me. My legs stun with the soreness of my muscles but I took it all in, telling myself it is for the best, to prove myself worthy. Sometimes I overestimate myself too much, and I know I do it quite often, but I will push myself till my legs cave in under me.
I enter my room down the hallway from the kitchen and common area often called by human the living room. The common area is often were my family would sit and eat and discus many things. The small table was low so we often sat on the ground with the comfort of the red rug underneath us for comfort to our bum. Taking off my helmet I proceed to open my room door, the door is a dark wooden colour, and my room a solid place with a single bed to the side against the stone wall on the left, a purple rug on the floor and a few other things such as a hologram projector for communications and small objects like a training rifle, a training sword and a few gadgets of many sorts laying around. I tossed my armour off leaving the skin protector still on. It was a spandex type of fabric that helped prevent bullets from going too deep, and was often the reason why we have such good shields because the fabric produces the shield around us helping to protect us, just like those Spartans on earth have I suppose. My Uncle had walked in, I could hear him opening the door and entering the kitchen area for his herbal drinks more than likely. Tonight I did not wish to disturb myself, I just wished to sleep. I will not drink or eat until morning even though my stomach churns for replenishment. And even if I did disturb myself to eat, I’m sure my Uncle would only take it to his advantage to lecture me and then scold me by not allow me to eat. Sometimes I wonder what made my family trust him or even let him train me. Though he is a part of my family in a sense and it is only Sangheili tradition to be close to those in our community, not only that it was seen the uncles of the family were to train their relatives while the youngling’s father was away at war.

Closing my blue eyes I slowly fall asleep, listening to the soft sounds of insects and nocturnal animals outside making a wide range of sound. Somewhere in the village I can hear drums rolling and Sangheili cheering. I’m guessing the male that won today must live down there and is possibly celebrating his win of triumph that I should have had. Either way as I drift into a deeper sleep I can finally hear silence all around me and the darkness comforting me as if it was hugging me, telling me it’s going to be ok. Life wasn’t easy, only my dreams kept my hopes alive, only my spirit keeps me fighting.
Only I keep myself going in the end.

It is late at night when I hear the sirens and the scent of smoke enters my nostrils. Instinct took in and I suddenly sprung to life quickly checking my small window to see what was going on only to take a step back in horror. The Whole village on fire, a bright yellow glow cast up into the sky with blinding smoke rising into the air. Screams of villages are echoing into the night. At first I thought it must have just been a wild fire, or the fire from the celebration getting out of control but then I saw them.
Large Males that looked like Minor elites but their armour was less. They were carrying pieces of wood alight with fire, one had an energy sword active, the others seemed to hold rifles both energy and needlers. It seemed they were making their way here. Perhaps it was luck that our house was furthest away from the village. Quickly I strapped my armour on knowing that I wasn’t going to be good at anything. I grabbed a small portable camouflage device and quickly ran to the room my uncle was in, but once I had gotten there I came to see his blood and his lifeless body held in the grasp of a giant Sangheili. He turned and looked at me, Energy sword held in his grasp tightly ready to plunge into me. He ruthlessly came after me, but due to my small size I dodged his bold attack and quickly activated the camouflage and ran for the back door. It was my only exit and I knew once I went out that door, they would look for me, they would hunt me down burning the forests nearby making sure I cannot escape. But mostly I knew once I got out that door, there was no turning back. They say a sangheili does not cry because we do not blink like the humans, but on that night I felt a wetness running down my face to my mandibles. These guys, I knew who they were the moment I saw that giant one in my uncles room. They were Raiders of an out casted group banished from most Sangheili clans, their light armour that barly covered them that looked half like pieces of ships gave them away.

Moving fast I headed towards the darkest area I knew, there was a cave a few miles out I knew I could hide in, and hopefully they do not know the terrain as well as I do. Once I had gotten into the cave I laid against the rough cave walling. Its coolness softly against my back and armour, but the thoughts and memories of what I had just seen echoed deep in my mind. For once I didn’t know what to do, even though I have been training for years to become someone who could fight against things such as these guys. However right now all I could do was watch and wait. My eyesight was the best at night as it is in day, but I did not see any scouting around the edges of the village, I only saw them light up the place I once called home. I wondered who else had escaped, why we were being attack and if I could undo things and go back into the past, what would I do? My heart ached with a terrible burden, I had been mad at my uncle and the regret of not talking to him was setting in. Maybe two hours later I saw drop ships coming in and banshees as well as Ghosts. It was the military, but I was afraid to run towards them, what if it was a trap, what if those who went towards the village were more of these Sangheili Betrayers would be waiting? Outcasts! I would make them pay. The scent of the dead was heavy in the air. My options was to either stay in the cave until dawn and head towards the closes village for help and refuge, or I could go out there now and help these guys and tell them what had happened. Something in my heart told me there was no real choice, what I saw before me was the only thing I had to look towards. I was unarmed with only a simple camouflage gadget, if they came back looking for me, I would be in big trouble, but at least I could get something to arm myself from these guys right?
Slowly I got to my feet and began to head out where a scouting ghost picked me up and took me in towards the border of the village where some Warriors stood, some of these Warriors were just Minors gazing in awe and filled with sadness then there was a commander his armour was white and I noticed he had been injured on the left side of his face with his mandibles seeming to have once been cut off. His face had been all over news, almost everyone knew this guy as much as they knew the Arbiter, and it was Rtas. Quickly attention was drawn to me, as well as guns being pointed at me. Raising my hands I dropped the camouflage to the ground and surrounded suddenly feeling that this wasn’t such a good idea. Rtas turned to me and told his comrades to put down their weapons.
“Are you a survivor?” He spoke directly towards me as he approached but yet kept distance in case I was a threat. Taking in a gulp of saliva to quench my thirst and dry throat, I nodded in answer. “Can you tell me what happened?”
Memories flashed within my head, and I knew what I had to tell them was perhaps not what they wanted to hear, especially Rtas. “Some large Sangheili came out of nowhere, the village was already on fire when they had attacked. They killed my uncle before burning my house down, I managed to escape using this” I pointed towards the camouflage on the ground which Rtas approached and took into his right hand seeming to study it. Looking back at me he seemed to be judging if I was telling the truth or not, frankly I believe he had all rights to do so, I was only a minor soldier to him. “Do you know who they were, their armour? Did they see you?”
He seemed to question more than just once this time, it seemed something had started and had been lashed out upon the village as revenge or perhaps to send a message to the Arbiter. “Only one saw me, and I think they were just simple Raiders. They had light armour on as if it had been just bits and pieces put together. “
Rtas seemed to groan, whether with anger or grief I was unsure, but either way he turned his back to me before saying “Send her to the city of Vadam, Thel should hear what she has to say. If you find any other survivors from the other villages, do the same and take them to Vadam state.” When he spoke something hit my mind, taking a step forward I questioned him. “Villages?”
Rtas looked at me with sympathy before he pointed towards the hill my house once stood upon. It seemed most of the houses had burnt to ash and were smouldering and bodies had already been collected and be buried, but as I walked further up I came to see almost the whole valley was glowing. Looking back to Rtas with shock, he did not respond just bowed his head in sorrow and walked away. Even I myself had nothing to say, I felt a soft tug on my shoulder and looked back to see a Zealot “Come we must get you to Vadam State quickly.” Then I was led towards a drop ship where I made my journey towards the city of Vadam where the Arbiter Thel resided.

The trip seemed longer than usual, normally it’s about an hour or so to get to state of Vadam, perhaps one of the biggest cities built on the backs of slaves and common prisoners and then claimed by one who regained honour to his name, a Vadam who had once been held within prison walls. I suppose even the Arbiter has much to live up to, after all he had been branded with the mark of shame due to the loss of a Halo.
Time really didn’t seem to fly by; I gazed out the window mostly watching the slightest set of sunlight coming up over the city area. I guess I can’t go on long jogs anymore. When finally we touched down and I exited the ship, I came to view that whole city from upon a platform that led towards a giant building where I could only guess thousands worked and lived within its walls. I’d never been to the city only seen pictures of it on holograms or on the news broadcasted. It was strange and though I felt out of place I also felt like trying to climb the building to get to its rooftop. I’m sure they have some sort of elevator to do that for me, but with all the energy, rage and sadness I felt that I needed to do something. Two guards wearing the standard Guards Armour, a unique collection of Golden colours, began to approach me. They came to my side to guide me towards the Arbiter’s residence within the walls. The city felt almost like a mirrored place, the glassed stained walls glittered under the rising sunlight reflecting everything around it. Suddenly I felt like a baby compared to the two male Guards that walked me inside the building. I can’t truly explain what I saw because it was strange and beautiful. The ground was made of a metal, and the whole entire area held a purple hue to it, in fact the whole inside seemed more like a spiral of many platforms with one main spiral upwards in the middle many other Sangheili and Covenant Aliens such as Kig-yar and I’m sure I spotted an Unggoy fooling around with a button. The guards did not seem to stop and gaze up in awe at the building like me, obviously so use to the structure and the city life more than likely, but for me I could not help myself but take a few breathing taking moments and gaze around in wonder before realizing the Guards had stopped and were looking back at me curiously as if I was a newborn looking at Sanghelios for the first time. Quickly I moved on and followed them to a high up level and through a few doors till we finally came to one giant door engraved with such elegant detailing outlined in gold and red colours. The door opened and I saw the Arbiter gazing out at the city from an extremely large window that took up the whole side of the room. There were some terminals on one side and some chairs that stood against a wooden table. Thel turned his attention towards me, the Guards left closing the door behind me. Wearing the traditional Arbiter armour he approached slowly, he had been through much during the war, betrayal, friendship, lose, honour and regret. Yet he still stands tall even though he knows many would want him dead were others would fight to protect him. Extending his right hand he spoke up. “I’m sorry for your loss, I heard what had happened and I’m hoping you can be of much help to solving this. Please call me Thel rather than Arbiter. What is your name?”

At first I felt like I had no vocal cords being in the presence face to face with the Arbiter who just told you to call him Thel wasn’t exactly on my to-do list, but for my Family and for my honour I knew what was right. “I am Maci Durramee, former student of the Durram Academy. I’m not sure what I can tell you apart from what I have already told Commander Rtas.” After bowing my head I noticed he still had his right hand held out, raising my head I looked at him before shaking his hand with my own. This was a human gesture of greeting each other, of saying that we are equal. Thel took some of the human Culture into his life and after all he has been through no one can really blame him. “A Durram? I have not heard that name in a long time. Perhaps it is the fate of the Gods that has brought you here, but with such sadness I am still regrettably sorry that you have taken much loss for something you have not done.” Thel seemed saddened and began to look out at the window again. I tried to follow his gaze without moving any closer, I could see a few ships including some phantoms and banshees moving around below, but I knew he was not looking down he was looking up at the rising sun. “I often look out and wonder what is to come, where I am going, who I can trust?” Thel spoke up but this time gazing back towards me as I looked out at the sun I knew what he was speaking of, I knew he had assassin’s and terrorists come and go trying to kill him, and I knew there was an occult leader behind it. What he spoke of earlier, that fact that I had suffered at something that was not my fault, he was speaking of the fact that he refused to continue killing humans when there is no point and that he spoke of the truth of what the prophets had been doing to all of us. Not everyone listened and some had become so devoted to the covenant they could not see straight, and they could only believe the lie they had grown up in.

“It is not your fault.” Finally I speak up not sure if it was the right thing to do or not. “I know for some it must be hard to understand something they have not experienced. Some can only keep doing what they have only been born and trained to do.”
Softly Thel nodded and turned to face me as I did towards him. “Indeed but I never intended for others to suffer, I only wanted the truth to be known.” It was understandable in his voice that the loss of many had burdened him very much and honestly I think he would have rather to take on every single Enemy Warrior that had caused such chaos during the night’s event rather than have multiple villages suffer.
The race from yesterday did not bother me anymore, the fact I had lost didn’t trouble my mind, but what did was my future. I knew not where to go, who to trust and I knew that my only option was to either hide in the safety of this city or to fight. Taking in a deep breath I prepared my words carefully before speaking them. “Thel, what you have done is the right choice my family believed in you. I believe in you. I will do whatever I can do to help, not for revenge but for the sake of other lives that may be at risk.”
Thel raised his head unsure of what he had just heard was correct. For a moment he was Silent and I feared my words had not been exactly…proper. But then he finally nodded. “Can you tell me exactly what happened during the night? I believe there may be a clue to all of this.”
For a while I sat down and talked to Thel telling him every single thing that happened, from start to end. He seemed to understand more about what I was saying then what I did, I guess I’m not the smartest after all. I was later excused and sent to the place I would be staying in during my time here. Thel had agreed that he would need my help and that he would brief me on it all later during the day. The place I was taken to was still within the building, it was small and clearly only meant for one Sangheili to reside within it. There was a small kitchen with a common room, then a small hallway which led to my room that came with a very large bed that sat in the middle of the room. On the right side was a small window that gave me a large view of the city, and on the left side of the bed was a set of terminals for communications and information data that I could use whenever and how ever. Finally there was the last piece, just slightly to the side of the doorway was what seemed to look like any normal closet, the doors to it extended out and inside was a blue armour I could not pick out what type of class it belonged to. At first I thought maybe I had been mistaken to the wrong room. However a beeping sound coming from the Terminal alerted my attention as I walked towards it and touched the soft blue light which projected Arbiter Thel before me.

“I’m glad to see you have been acquainted with your new residence. I hope it is to your liking.”
He softly spoke.
“Yes of course I’m very grateful but there is a-“
“Oh yes I had that armour placed here for you, I went over some of your old records and noticed your abilities, you would make a great warrior.”
If I had been stunned by a stun gun, it would have been right now except I didn’t hear the sudden sound of a stun gun at all. I couldn’t believe it I was being promoted but to what?

“I’m sending two swords your way that have unique designs, however I would like to see you someday apart of the home land you come from as either a governor or a Councillor as I believe you have the skills even at such a young age.”
“Thank you greatly, I shall not prove you wrong Arb- I mean Thel. It is with great honour though I’m unsure if I deserve such a ranking?”

There seemed to have been a soft smile upon Vadams face when I had talked to him that night. He knew very well that I wanted to become an Aristocrat leading against our enemies, even though the status was of that for a single Male, I’m sure he understood well for him to speak of it. “I have made many mistakes, but I believe that right now my choices of allowing you to continue and go to the frontlines with the Durramee Armour will give much inspiration to other Sangheili.”
Did he just say a Durramee Armour? Thel must have gotten the wrong records from the academy for I wasn’t that good enough to be a Warrior, not after failing my last exam test, but I took him for his words.  I was too excited about the swords I was getting and trying out my new armour in the hopes of renewing the lives of those who had suffered. I know I said I wasn’t doing this for revenge but I wanted them to pay for taking away all I had left. Now I was alone in this world with no friends but perhaps maybe the Arbiter I could trust in as if he was a Friend.
After talking for a little bit the conversation ended for that night and I said goodbye to Thel, knowing that tomorrow held many things and many promises of greatness, but it wasn’t greatness I wanted. Shortly I received my swords; they had a black hilt and a slick look that fitted my fingers perfectly. I remember the way that the enemy Sangheili had held his while he held my deceased Uncle in his other hand. That grip he held was something that seemed of anger and rage and he did not hesitate to come after me nor to take the lives of many more. Its tradition in Sangheili to look at each other with equality and see everyone as a friend, a Brother or a sister so to speak, but those Sangheili the outcasts had no respect for anyone, not even themselves. They were savages fighting for merely power and greed had corrupted their minds.

I approached where the armour was; I took in its details. The Armour had an almost similar look to that of a supreme commanders mixed with the sense of an Arbiters Helmet and a Minors mix of leg protectors. Even the Chest design was unique; there was a shine protector with a unique design, heel supporters and Claws that would attach to the end of my hooves. Gazing over it all I was unsure how to exactly how to thank the Arbiter for such gifts.
Not only that, but where did this design come from? It was obvious that my rank wasn’t like minors or even a commanders. Yet it seemed to be similar to all even that of a stealth armour type but it wasn’t. It made me curious and I knew I was going to have to look into all of this armour and detail to where it originated from.
However I wasted little to no time after examining the armour I was sure to place it on correctly, fitting me tightly and comfortable giving support to my chest area and allowing my heels to be supported and the protectors even gave off an amazing look.

With my new armour on and swords attached to my hips I looked at myself in the reflection of a mirror imagining that one Sangheili Male who had taken my Uncles life. I’m going to kill him and make all of them pay for what they have done.
Updated on17.oct.13
Re-updated on 15.Oct.13Updated on 10.oct.13

Maci is a young female Sangheili who posses the rank of a Minor in training. She must face much to come with her future, and as a Durram it is her responsibility to gain honour, however after failing her final test that would set her free of the academy and gain her a good record to becoming a Councillor as she desires, things make a turn for the worst. Leaving Maci with very few options but to fight for her own life. Her journey will take her to many places and she shall meet many Sangheili along the way that she must learn to trust.

Maci is one of my characters I'm in the making of, she is pretty much the female sangheili in the artwork called Welcome to Sangheilios just without her armour on.
This will be a very long series, I presume with a possible of 10 chapters as I have much ground to cover with her.
I hope you Halo and Covi fans enjoy for there will be more of these as well as Artworks.

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The most canon-breaking part of the story is this: "most females joined the military and became Sangheilos defence force to protect it from any invading fleets."

No. Just no. Female Sangheili do not join the Covenant Military, much less protect it against invading fleets. Female Sangheili are not in the military. 

You really need to brush up on your knowledge before writing a fan fiction.

EroomAlly Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Thank you very much for the advice, however it is rumoured that most Females are actually apart of the force just that most of the Males serve on the frontline and off the homeworld. Its said in a fair few wiki sits I de believe. And yes there is a word named Sangheilins its like saying Canadians or Australians, but you have a point its not exactly spoken much of. There is still much to be looked at on the Sangheili life and culture as we have only seen them during the war.

Though I do thank you for pointing those things out for me.

Much appreciated

Dynosis Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
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EroomAlly Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

 Females are trained from a young age to fight alongside the males but are kept home to tend to their respective houses. This training allows the Sangheili to have a potent home guard should an attack on their homeworld ever make it past the males fighting on the front line.

It does say they are also told to do their respectful duty yes but it says they are trained as above.
For the term Sangheilins is often in a few fanfics hence were I have picked it up. Like I said before its a take on the human language being Australian, American African ect.
Also there are a few Halo books that are rumoured to have a few females apart from Raiai and talks a small bit about the traditions, though I'm yet to find out about that.

Dynosis Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
Then those fan-fics are using it wrong. There is no term such as "Sangheilins". You should not use it as it is wrong. While females may serve in the military in some aspects, such as defending their homes, they would never become a "Duelist" or a Councillor, as you stated here: "Someday I wish to become a Duelist an aristocrat or better known as  councillor."
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We have discussed deeply into her chapter and now several things have been edited and fix.
Besides her spelling errors we are filling in on her lore knowledge, we HAVE approved her use of the Sangheilos Home Guard, which is the concept similar to the US National Guard.  The force is populated from willing females, warriors with minor-yet-unrecoverable injury, individuals wanting to help but are a few years shy of military age, and the elderly if need be.  It's purpose is to be mostly relief in the wake and aftermath of destruction events such as hurricane or terrorist attack, however the force is lightly trained in firearms in order to serve as a 
militia in case of invasion or mass civil disruption.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to discuss it further here or on skype (skype name is same as my Deviantart)

Good Day

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Also, if she wanted a critique, she would have asked it through a button in the submission terms.
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 There is an option in DeviantART for critiques.
" Before writing a story on Halo, you should read about its lore " or " You also need to proofread more." or also "You really need to brush up on your knowledge before writing a fan fiction." You were telling her what to do.
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If you read on and in the other chapters it is actually said that she understands that Females are not allowed such a rank however with changing times its possible.
I do know most of my stuff when it comes to Sangheili hence why you will notice in the series that she is being degraded as being a female and for being one of few females to obtain a rank higher above a Minor. These have already been spoken of in this chapter and chapter 2.  Though I do understand where you are coming from.

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